The Dunnell 190 EMS Zetec
Steve's Zetec I
These pictures were taken at Stoneleigh 1997 - at which point the car had covered about 500 miles. It's worth noting that the injection Zetec is not a drop in and drive solution - installation involved revising wiring loom (for ECU and fuel pump), fuel injection tank/pump/filter/feedline, modifying alternator (the alternator sits on the inlet side of the engine to prevent the age-old overheating problem),  homebrew throttle linkage (soon to be replaced by commercial linkage), replacement of James Whiting's fuel pipes (front end rubbing on nose cone), adaption of foam filter and plate.....

Stick with carbs,though, and I'd guess you could easily upgrade a Ford based 7 to Zetec over a weekend

Steve's Zetec II

Thanks to Andrew Edney for the pictures,
Paul Dunnell & Terry Shore for the engine (and their patience),
James Whiting for various installation bits (and for being the 7 Oracle).